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Class Uniforms - asserting Teen’s

A xteen-style in the school life of teenagers that asserts "specific brand" for its class, it is this: Class uniforms

Class Uniform - Extremely interesting idea!

With characteristics of having  "1-0-2", virtually all current types of uniforms  of Saigon teens are established with a fairly "strict" request and must be "unique".  Because of the dream that class’s "products" is never be "in touch", "explosive" heads of their teen has devised numerous interesting ideas for their classroom uniforms.

As the group Minh – Nhi - Tam- Mind (all are teens 12 Le Quy Don) has "exploded" the idea of printing the members of the class on the uniform, but the problem is that if "insert" all the 40 "faces" of the super naughty crowd in class, it is not easy job. Finally, a "splendid" solution has been given: The entire class and homeroom teacher will come together to a photo studio to pose a picture that is both “love" and xteen to put up clothes, together with the signatures of 40 super naughty people in class. When the uniform shirt is "baked" it was favored by all the members of the class immediately.

And 10A3 teen group in Marie Curie school decides the uniform of their class would be something really outstandin and be teen also. Therefore, a blue shirt with the banana bud and English vocabulary, funny icons is the choice of all class members with the agreement rate of 100%. Also, each shirt will have a cute little heart on it for the class members to remember that there is a unique location forever remained in the heart of one another.. What a significant meaning!


The students of 12B4 (also Marie Curie teen) decided to choose black for their class uniform, because according to them, black color is a "noble" and always "mode "(referring 12B4 teen is always fresh and very" fashionable"). Also, on their shirts there are motifs of alternating white-red and other very prominent personalities supposedly very well. This proved to be a very teen 12B4 "style" of fashion.

For those who in group including  Hang – Thanh – Dung (Teen 11 Vo Thi Sau), decided to choose uniform shirts with the names of all 36 members in the class. In their opinion, with a shirt like this, even if the latter, in the case every person goes in different directions, all class members will always remember each other’s names.


Class uniforms - not simply to be shirts

Even today, to get a uniform shirt with style of each class is also very difficult because not all schools accept it. Even some schools have banned class uniform, teen secretly still together have their own shirt design, and when having the opportunity to go out, picnic, they wear uniforms together as a unique traits of this class.

We can say, now in Saigon, Marie Curie High School is a school is "close relationship"  when students are allowed  to have their own uniforms as they like. Even, in addition to the school uniform, the school also let teen to be creative and express all their ideas (but not beyond the limit). Typically, highly successful festival celebration of its 90th birthday was a concrete evidence (in this festival, the school let teens create and show their own records of performances). A teen Marie Curie said: Equitable rules in such cases have shown that teachers always listen and respect us."


Uniforms also have demonstrated teen’s creativity, the collective unity of each class, the good feelings that teenagers give to their classmates. A uniform will be a very characteristic "brand" of school ager that is not easy to get. Most importantly, each uniform shirt was a precious gift souvenir of school age. A teenager shared that: "For those students who are in the last level of school, uniform shirt will be a invaluable celebration to remember of a beloved time under the school roof."

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